“My wife and I got in touch with Lorne on the recommendation of another realtor who we’d previously worked with in the city, and whose opinion we respected. We were looking for a realtor who had specialist knowledge of the Lake Simcoe area, and Lorne fully met our needs.

We already had a property in mind when we first spoke to Lorne. He helped us understand what we were getting ourselves into and figure out what else we might be able to get for the same sort of price. Once we were ready to make an offer, he arranged a property inspection for us (next day!). The inspector he recommended was superb and gave us some great insights into the property. Lorne also helped immensely through the negotiation process. We went back and forth on conditions and price a number of times, and we always felt confident that Lorne’s recommendations on where to compromise and where to stand firm were well thought-through and absolutely in our best interests. In the end we got the property for less than we expected to pay, and all of our conditions were met.

No matter how diligent you are, no property purchase goes 100% smoothly. On moving day we had a small but significant hiccup. Lorne immediately took ownership of the problem (“don’t worry guys; I’ve got this”). He came up with a solution, and worked diligently to get it resolved. We didn’t lift a finger, he just took care of it.

Throughout our work with Lorne, he was calm, friendly and responsive as heck. I could drop him an email at 8pm, and I’d have a response by 8:10pm. If I called him early in the morning, I knew he’d pick up every time. If he was waiting on something from me, I could guarantee he’d chase me up to make sure we met the deadline. Always polite, but always assertive.

Overall, working with Lorne saved us quite a bit of money, reduced stress, and enabled us to get on with the fun stuff (like picking out our new hot tub). I’d happily work with him again.”

Matt & Krista C.