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Newmarket Ontario, a hub of online business in Canada? Apparently it is! We as a Town have embraced using the internet to enhance, build, or even completely host our businesses.

“We’re proud to recognize the growing entrepreneurial spirit in cities and towns across Canada,” said Chris O’Neill, Managing Director of Google Canada. “Every day, Canadians turn to the Internet looking for products and services, and it’s the businesses and communities engaging with consumers online that will lead Canada’s future economic growth.”

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As a benefit of being an active member of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, I found out about this announcement just before it became official. Our local business leaders and entrepreneurs are taking a proactive approach to learning and implementing online tools to help not only our businesses but our community grow and succeed moving into the future.

It’s truly amazing to see the type of growth Newmarket is experiencing. The expansion of Davis Drive is underway to include dedicated centre lanes for bus rapid transit. The next step is to do the same on Yonge Street between Davis and Mulock. This is the type of improved infrastructure needed to sustain our community’s  growth. New housing developments are bringing in more people, and the expansion of Southlake Regional Health Centre  and our other local businesses are bringing in more jobs. It’s an exciting time to be living in Newmarket.

So what is pulling businesses up to Newmarket? Businesses are moving up to Newmarket because of our growing population and infrastructure. They are also attracted to the supportive business community and culture that has been created.

What is the attraction of Newmarket Living? There are many reasons one would actually move up to Newmarket. I like to describe Newmarket as being the best of both worlds. You have access to all of the amenities of city living (New restaurants, big box stores, malls, movies etc) as well as access to quieter country life (parks, rivers, farms, Nature Walks, cleaner air, golf courses, quick drive to Lake Simcoe) And quick and easy access to top schools and an excellent hospital.

The other important factor to consider is that you get better bang for your buck up here. There are many styles of housing to choose from whether it’s Condo living , a nice townhouse, or a single family detached home, you can find it here, and likely afford it here much more comfortably than a similar home closer to Toronto. You can even notice a difference in food and grocery prices (though the stores may deny it) if you compare several products on any given day between Wal-Mart here or in Richmond hill or even Loblaw’s, you will see the prices here are a bit better.

Regardless, this is a time to celebrate living in our town and if you’re not yet here…why aren’t you?


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